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Our team

  • CEO

    Chairman of Jiangmen Yuansheng Hardware Co., Ltd. 

    Company Orientation & Principle: MIF+garden for better product, for better life!

    Industry view: The metal crafts industry will be personalized development and give customers a better life & experience in future.

  • Oversea division

    Always focus on providing the best service to you. Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit, on the one hand, we treat the high quality, products rich in complete operation manual for backing, the first response to customer demand, provide the most professional, most comprehensive solutions; On the other hand, we timely feedback the market demand, so that our products are constantly innovating to adapt to the new trend, and more appropriate to meet the needs of users in the dynamic.Overseas sales department, we are not only your loyal customer service staff, but also your trustworthy professional engineer.

  • QC

    Quality is Deemed to the Life of the Enterprise. Each batch of products must undergo a triple strict inspection before they leave the factory. In order to avoid the damage in the transportation process, it is necessary to check that the packaging is in good condition.In order to reassure customers, I will also send the quality inspection report to the customer. Under our strict inspection, over the past five years, customers have not received a shoddy product.

  • Marketing researching

    We and customers, sales will go to form a team, do a market research, fulling understand user needs and preferences, coupled with the customer's opinion, the design scheme is determined. With the preparation of the early stage, the products of mif-garden design received the customer's welcome and became a local hot seller.

  • Technology team

    All customers are focusing on quality, while the diverse needs of the market faster. We have experienced and highly innovative research and development team capabilities, adhere to quality , innovation, to meet different customer needs, providing customers with the most satisfactory products.

  • Order following division

    Let clients feel comfortable and easy communication during order.  We will control the whole proceed after order, during production, shipment and after sales service.

  • Production department

    We are a professional and young team, always in response to customer demand for the first time. Our products are very wide, because we want to provide the best overall solution. Customer success is our success, we are fighting in the front line of sales engineers.

Company organization frame

Management system is perfect!

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