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Our story

  • Our boss James came to Guangdong alone in 1997, his first job is translation and purchase job.

    When he started to do foreign trade, he sold a small part of the jewelry and 


    For him, there was a hard choice at that time: to find a new job to survive, or insist on entrepreneurship?

    At that time, the Internet was underdeveloped. Customer buying in China was very difficult. In order to control the quality and progress, I ran to nearby factories and companies. But we often reworked the product as a simple mistake.

    I think we should change our customers' perception of China's manufacturing industry through production details.

    Thanks our factory to help me grow.

  • SARS occurred in 2003, the situation of foreign trade was very serious.

    However, customers can learned about the company's production capabilities, technology and quality control through the web, without paying the high cost of on-site investigations, as well as direct orders and online payments, saving a lot of time and money. 

    Customer recognition, more determined his confidence in business.  In 2003, he founded Jiangmen Yuansheng Hardware Co.,Ltd.

    Rely on professional attitude, service and control of product quality.

    In 2004, we had 3 complete production lines and more than 90 skilled workers and established close ties with many large companies.

    At this point, Yuansheng Hardware Co. ,Ltd. has gained a solid foothold in the field of foreign trade.

  • Depending on our professional service and products, we have built a good business 

    relationship with many customers located in Europe and US. 

    We hold the principle of ‘Specialty, Integrity, Innovation’ to treat every customer and 


    Trust us, we will be your best choice! 

  • Product quality has always been our concern.

    In order to improve product quality.

    Since 2012, MIF+Garden invested one million U.S. dollars to hire quality 

    inspection engineers, perfect equipment and expand the quality inspection 


    Each product must go through three rigorous inspections, to ensure compliance.I believe everything will be rewarded.

    Since 2012, the customer has not received inferior products.

    MIF+Garden successfully passed the FDA, LFGB product testing and BSCI, FSC, WILKO testing factory.

    MIF+Garden depending on the quality of life, quality win customers.

  • MIF+Garden developed hundreds of new products to meet the individual needs of customers.

    2016, British customers need a variety of bespoke Christmas pallets in short order, requiring a Christmas atmosphere.

    When receiving the order, MIF+Garden arranges our top designers to discuss with the client. Design content related to product color, volume, pattern, hollow craft.

    Finally, the customer identified 20 design options.

    With our strong research, development capabilities and production capacity, MIF+Garden delivered two 40 x HQ products to customers in November.

    The product sold very well in short supply in December. Replace an order in short time.

    From the beginning of this year, MIF+Garden ushered in the transformation and innovation, upgrade from the traditional manufacturer of horticultural hardware products, a comprehensive professional one-stop solution, our customers in the local design centers and factories, local open-air office management cooperation, Making our products more popular and helping our customers win more markets.

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